Transportation / Shock

Whilst temperature and humidity monitoring is well established in the heritage sector, there is a growing demand to monitor artifacts in transit. During transportation an artifact may endure shocks to it from handling and vehicle movement, which could cause unseen damage to the artifact, which would be hard to rectify.

The Testo 184 series can offer data loggers that will not only monitor and record the temperature and humidity, but can also monitor any shocks to the artifact during transit. Giving you a comprehensive data for the artifact during its transportation duration, which would allow for any action if necessary.


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Testo 184T - Temperature Data Loggers

Testo 184 T Range - All-in-one Temperature Data Loggers. Single use data loggers (From 90 to 500 days battery life, based on average usage)
£29.90 (ex VAT)

Testo 184 H1 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Testo 184 H1 - All-in-one Temperature and Humidity Data Logger. up to 500 days battery life. Based on average usage.
£99.00 (ex VAT)

Testo 184 G1 Temperature, Humidity and Shock Data Logger

Testo 184 G1 - All-in-one Data Logger for Temperature, Humidity and Shock. Up to 120 days battery life. Based on average usage
£189.00 (ex VAT)