Thermal Imaging for contractors – advantages in a nutshell

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

For contactors in the Building, Facilities Maintenance, HVAC, and Electrical industries, the ability to visualise each situation you are facing can make a huge difference. Knowing precisely where to start with a job, can save time and effort, meaning you increase efficiency, and ultimately provide a faster service to customers.

Those 20-30 minutes extra spent diagnosing each job soon add up, particularly at busy times of the year when you’ve got a waiting list. With that in mind, a valuable addition to many contractors toolkit is a thermal imaging camera.

But what specific applications is a thermal camera most useful for?

Below we summarise some of the best examples where thermal imaging has time and time again, proved an extremely effective diagnostic tool for contractors:



Heating and installation systems


  • Checking radiators for build-up of silt deposits
  • Identifying underfloor heating abnormalities


0560-8690_testo-869_04 underfloor-heating


Electrical Maintenance


  • Identifying overloads, imminent malfunctions or existing defects in switching cabinets and wiring


testo-872_0560-8721_08 overheating cable


Construction and Mould Assessment


  • Visualising thermal bridges in buildings
  • Detecting areas that are prone to mould


mould-risk-testo-limited testo-865_0560-8650_05



Leak Detection


  • Pinpointing thermal anomalies in leaking pipes
  • Locating roof leaks


testo-868_0560-8681_07 Floor_leak_example



Structural and Insulation Defects


  • Finding insulation defects
  • Checking air tightness of windows and doors


testo-868-871-872-house-with-scaleassist testo-872_0560-8721_07


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