Thermal Imaging - Food Processing

Food Processing Thermal Imaging

The key to success for a Food Processing Facility is the efficient maintenance of equipment and machinery to avoid downtime. An effective preventative maintenance program allows early identification of mechanical or electrical faults and appropriate actions to be implemented.

Thermal Imaging Cameras are the fastest growing tool in the field of preventative maintenance for equipment such as that used by plants and factories in the Food Processing industry. A Testo thermal imaging camera is the perfect diagnostic tool for mechanical or electrical surveys to quickly and easily find faults and problemshoot.

The effective employment of this technology in your food processing or food manufacturing plant will allow you to reduce downtime and save both your time and money, two of your most precious commodities. Thermal imaging cameras give you the ability to locate hotspots and thermal anomalies and ensure that costly downtime and breakdowns are avoided.


Benefits of Thermal Imaging in Food Processing

  • Avoid plant downtime and keep production rolling
  • Find and fix faults and future failing quickly and easily
  • Improve energy efficiency and infrastructure performance
  • Monitor thermal processes to find hot/cold energy leaks
  • Plan an effective preventative maintenance program
  • Maximise the efficiency of your maintenance department
  • Non-destrcutive testing allows for the minimal disruption
  • Identify mechanical parts under friction and strain with tell-tale heat signatures
  • Locate defective electrical components and connections
  • Conduct thermal surveys with on live food processing and production systems



Thermal Imaging Editorial

"Cost Effective Maintenance with Thermal Imaging" - Download your FREE Whitepaper here.

"Thermal imaging cameras are fantastic maintenance tools. They have applications in diagnostic work as well as preventative or conditioning maintenance. Testo explains why..."





Testo food processing thermal imaging editorial"5 Ways to Improve Food Processing Efficiency with Testo Thermal Imaging" - Download your FREE editorial here.

"Thermal Imaging Cameras can help drastically reduce downtime and improve energy efficiency in the food processing sector..." Find Out How Here.



Testo Nestle Thermal Imaging Case study

"Nestle: Food Processing Maintenance with Testo Thermal Imaging" - Download your FREE Case Study here.

"Testo technology helps to both find and prevent problems which can have a major impact on downtime and costs..." Nestle, Maintenance Manager





Kliklok Testo thermal imaging case study"Kliklok International: Keeping Food on the Table with Testo Thermal Imaging" - Download your FREE Case Study here.

“The testo 875-2 was able to demonstrate all the features that assist us in fault finding when servicing our customer’s equipment and all at a price that was well within budget.” Service & Installation Manager, Kliklok International



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Testo 869 - Thermal Imaging Camera

Our best ever value thermal camera. Combining high performance with an unbeatable price, the testo 869 makes top-quality thermography affordable for everyone. Includes: Pro software, USB cable, mains unit and Li-ion rechargeable battery.
£799.00 (ex VAT)

Testo 870 - Thermal Imaging Camera

The testo 870 combines quality with value to offer you the perfect entry level TI camera, at an affordable price. Now with Free Super Resolution technology.
£999.00 (ex VAT)

Testo 875i - Thermal Imaging Camera

Quality thermal imaging camera. Includes: Inbuilt digital camera, Screen resolution of 160 x 120 pixels,(Super Resolution - increases res. to 320 x 240), sensitivity of NETD < 50 mK, measuring range of -30 to +350°C, Field of View of 32°. Now with Free Super Resolution technology.
£1,999.00 (ex VAT)

Testo 882 - Thermal Imaging Camera

Testo 882 High Resolution Thermal Imaging Camera - with 320 x 240 pixels and exceptional functionality.
£3,499.00 (ex VAT)