The 9th testo Smart Probe?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Testo have just released a new version of a classic HVAC hero, the testo 552 Digital Vacuum Gauge has been re-released with added Bluetooth capability, opening the door for a number of new features.


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The testo 552 is a digital vacuum measuring instrument for the evacuation of refrigeration systems and heat pumps. It measures even the smallest absolute pressures and provides highly precise information on the status of the dehumidification of a system (removal of foreign substances, incl. oils or foreign gases).




Although not an official member of the 'Smart Probe' range, the new version of the testo 552 connects via Bluetooth with the testo Smart Probes App on your smartphone or tablet.

This allows you to monitor the absolute pressure reached during the evacuation, conduct in depth analysis, create measurement reports and send these by e-mail report.



With the new testo 552 App function, results are downloadable as a PDF report


The testo 552 is the only digital vacuum measuring instrument whose absolute pressure sensor, in contrast to other sensor technologies, no longer needs to be serviced, and still provides highly accurate measurement results. Thanks to the battery life of up to 2400 hours with two conventional AA batteries, you can use the testo 552 in continuous operation for 100 days without changing the battery. Its robust construction makes it suitable for daily use, and protects from dirt and water.


Other features and strengths of the testo 552:

  • Maintenance-free absolute pressure sensor
  • 2400 hours' battery life
  • Measurement of H2O evaporation temperature
  • Optical alarm when limit values are exceeded


For more information on the New testo 552, testo Smart Probes or any other testo products please visit our website: or give us a call on 01420 544433

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