testo thermal imaging prevents problems at food processing giant Nestle

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nestle’ is simply the world’s leading and most respected Nutrition, Health and Wellness company and is as you would expect a major UK employer with 6500 personnel located across 20 sites. As such they are always looking to maintain the highest levels of quality without production interference hence their acquisition of Testo’s innovative thermal imaging technology.

Maintenance Manager Dale Green is based at the Newcastle facility which employs 600 people and manufactures chocolate confectionery and sugar products with household names such as Rolo, Blue Riband, Matchmakers, Fruit Gums, Jelly Tots and Tooty Frooties. The Testo camera in question is their 875 model which represents a reliable solid tool for daily use with high image quality and 3.5 inch LCD display, automatic hot/cold spot recognition and a temperature range of -20º to 100º. It looks smart and modern with a comfortable weight of 900g and operates across the Windows range with an impressive storage capacity of 1000 images.

By way of background Dale was already a happy Testo customer in the shape of their Bluetooth temperature probe and air measurement Anemometer products. As regards the new thermal addition he has many positve points to make “I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the camera is to understand and use in smooth operation. Compliance and performance are the key issues. I needed a compact and versatile system at hand to back up our ongoing specialist contractor activities. It gives me easy access and instant accurate measurement and diagnostics in real time across every aspect of our operations."

"It can assist in mechanical assessment of machinery, the condition of bearings, chiller units, checking electrical panels and conveyor belts to penetrating jacketed water pipes in the digital sense for blockages and ensuring that moulding plants are properly insulated and not leaking anywhere. The Testo technology helps to both find and prevent problems which can have a major impact on downtime and costs.From the Nestle´ point of view of course prevention is certainly better – and cheaper – than cure and it has certainly met our expectations and proved to be excellent value for money and very cost effective.”

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