Testo - Saveris Router / Converter

V 2.0,868 MHz, radio transmission medium
Part number: 0572 0219
Manufacturer: Testo
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The radio link can be improved or lengthened in poor structural conditions by using a router. Several routers can of course be used in the testo Saveris system. At the same time, the serial switching of up to 3 routers V 2.0 offers highest flexibility in the wireless range.
Through the connection of a converter to an Ethernet jack, the signal of a radio probe can be converted into an Ethernet signal.

This combines the flexible connection of the radio probe with the use of the existing Ethernet even over long transmission paths.
By connecting an Extender, the wireless signal of a transport probe is converted into an Ethernet signal. The data transfer from probe to Extender takes place automatically when sufficient wireless connection is present.