Testo Rental Instruments


Testo Rental Instruments

Some of Testo’s equipment represents a reasonable investment for customers and sometimes it is not 100% clear if the application is justified to warrant this investment.

We also know that once customers have the opportunity to use a Testo Instrument the high product quality is immediately apparent and it makes the product selection process much easier.

Testo TRI allows you to experience Testo’s products before purchase by using a Try Then Buy principle. This operates by allowing you to experience Testo’s instruments in your own time, on site or at home, by renting. This way you ensure it is what you need and that it is the right instrument for your application. At the end of the rental period you have the choice to either return the instrument or purchase.

If you would like to know more about our new rental service,  www.testotri.com/welcome/

If you choose to purchase then you receive 100% of the rental charge back* and you could receive a further 15% discount **
* Must purchase goods within the first 3 months of rental.
** Must purchase the rental instrument whilst in customer’s possession.