Testo Launches New Fixed Price Flue Gas Analyser Service and Calibration

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New service options promise to offer customers a fast turnaround, clear pricing and excellent value for money.

On the 1st April 2013 Testo Limited will launch two new Fixed Price Service and Calibration options for its flue gas analyser range. Both options are designed to reduce the turnaround time and provide clear, value for money pricing. The services are available on the Testo 310, 320, 327 and 330 flue gas analysers.

www.testolimited.comFixed Price Service and Calibration
For flue gas analysers which have already had their first service, Testo will recommend the Fixed Price Service & Calibration option. This option includes service and calibration, plus spare parts for years 1, 2 and 4, with the addition of replacement gas sensors at year 3.

5 Year Fixed Price Service & Calibration
With this option, the cost of replacing sensors is spread across 4 equal annual payments starting at the end of the first year of ownership. This option only applies to new analysers being sent in for their first service.

Paul Jordan, Service & Calibration Manager at Testo Limited explains:

“We have listened to feedback from our customers and they were asking us for faster turnaround times and pricing that was straightforward and covered all costs. By introducing our new Fixed Price Service and Calibration options, I am confident that we can now meet these requests. Testo Fixed Price Service and Calibration includes the cost of all repairs needed, so the customer knows that the price he has been quoted is the price he will pay, with no nasty surprises. Also included is return carriage and with prices starting at just £95, this offers excellent value for money. Customers will no longer have to wait for us to receive their analyser before we can issue a quotation, so turnaround times will be shorter, meaning that the customer is without their analyser for the minimum length of time.”

Testo Flue Gas Analyser Service and Calibration can be accessed directly by calling our Service Department on 01420 544 433, option 5, or for your convenience, you can take your flue gas analyser into your nearest merchant who will make the arrangements for you.

Further information can be found online at www.testolimited.com/service or by calling 01420 544433.

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