Testo IRSoft

Testo Thermal Imaging IRSoft

Testo IRSoft thermal analysis software is included as standard with testo thermal imaging cameras and allows the professional to organise and analyse thermal images and data quickly, easily and efficiently. Testo IR Soft allows extensive analysis, evaluation and reporting functionality with a simple, structured user interface.

Testo IRSoftThe real value of a thermal image comes from the professional being able to accurately interpret the results, make the correct diagnosis and subsequently provide reliably accurate advice and recommendations. Testo IRSoft gives the user the platform to perform this analysis and produce accurate, accessible reports for easy presentation to help recommend or justify work required.

Offering comprehensive analysis functions, intuitive operation and easy reporting, Testo IRSoft is the perfect partner for your thermal imaging analysis.


Technical Features:

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Intuitive Menu Structure
  • Multiple Image display and comparison
  • TwinPix Real and Thermal image overlay
  • Audio Comment Relay
  • Thermal image rotation
  • Panorama Image Assistant
  • Site Recognition archive
  • Multiple Measurement Point Setting
  • Cold & Hot Spot Recognition
  • Temperature Profile & Line Diagram
  • Processing of real and thermal images
  • Easy reporting and data export