testo 535 - CO2 Monitor

With fixed probe, battery and calibration protocol
Part number: 0560 5350
Manufacturer: Testo
£349.00 (ex VAT)

testo 535, the efficient CO2 measuring instrument for measuring indoor air quality. Bad air quality in rooms can lead to tiredness, lack of concentration and illness (Sick Building Syndrome) due to high CO2 concentration (greater than 1000 ppm)

  • Long-term monitoring based on maximum and mean calculation
  • Long-term stable 2 channel infrared sensor
  • Highly accurate, highly efficient

Display - LCD, 2 lines

Storage temperature

-20 to +70 °C

Operating temperature

0 to +50 °C

Battery type

9V block battery

Battery life

6 h


300 g


190 x 57 x 42 mm



Probe - CO2

Meas. Range

0 to +9999 ppm CO2


±(50 ppm CO2 ±2% of mv)

(0 to +5000 ppm CO2)

±(100 ppm CO2 ±3% of mv)

(+5001 to +9999 ppm CO2)


1 ppm CO2

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