New testo 510i digital manometer for Smart Meter Installers

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Energy suppliers are targeted with the installation of around 53 million smart meters in over 30 million households as well as businesses across Wales, Scotland and England by the end of 2020. To meet this ambitious target, managers are looking for ways to monitor the quality of the work without compromising efficiency.

One such quality issue often experienced by Smart Meter installers is that immediately after installation the home owner calls to complain about gas smells. It could be due to gas leakage during the installation process or due to gas leaks caused by faulty connection to the new meter. Since most pipe tests carried out by Smart Meter installers are done using an analogue u-gauge there is no proof of a system’s tightness. That means that installers frequently need to revisit to check the installation.

Hence, more and more installers have requested digital manometers with printers in order to provide evidence of tightness tests. However, such solutions are relatively expensive compared to u-gauges and the printed evidence is not convenient to log.

The new testo 510i is an affordable digital manometer for Smart Meter installers. It allows the installer to carry out gas pipe tightness tests and record the results using a free testo App on Android or iOS devices. It connects wirelessly to a mobile device via Bluetooth, where the App provides a simple menu-driven App to operate tightness tests, record the results of the test in a PDF or Excel format as well as automatically add customer details imported from contacts and email a site report to the office for filing.testo-limited-510i-differential-pressure-gauge-bluetooth-smart-probe-frontThe testo 510i measures +/- 150 mbar and with a resolution of 0.01 mbar it meets the IGEM guidance that digital manometers must have a resolution of 0.1 mbar or better as well as that a pressure drop of 0.25 mbar is equivalent to the “perceptible movement” seen on analogue gauges.

At just £65 (ex vat.), the testo 510i makes an affordable alternative to current solutions. It assists the safe installation of Smart Meters while simultaneously contributing to a smarter and more sustainable future.


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