Testo 480 - Professional high-end solution for climate measurement

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Whether it is for testing ventilation and air-conditioning systems, evaluating the comfort level at workplaces or for testing in calibration labs, research labs and facilities: the Testo 480 is the new high-end device for the required high accuracy measurement. With an intelligent calibration and sensor concept, flexible data management and professional report generation via PC software, as well as numerous additional functions, the highest of requirements for extensive and advanced climate measurement are fulfilled in every regard.  System-related measurement uncertainty is a thing of the past.

Cutting-edge measurement technology means quick, easy and extremely professional measurements. Testo fulfils these requirements consistently with its new 480 and its probes so as to save customers time and money, while also guaranteeing them maximum measuring reliability and flexibility. The result reflects the simple calibration concept and intelligent probes that set a new standard in measuring technology.

In the past, climate measurements were subject to system-related measurement uncertainty arising from the interaction of the hand instrument and probes. The testo 480 offers an extremely innovative solution for this problematic interface. The system centres on the digital probes with an integrated memory. The probes tell the instrument when the next calibration is due.

Once the user has entered all calibration data via the “EasyClimate” PC software, this data is stored in the probe permanently. Deviations are automatically eliminated and a ‘zero-error display’ is generated. Handling all aspects of the calibration process is also made easier as the hand instrument no longer has to be sent away for calibration. Only the probe needs to be calibrated. You are unlikely to find any better and more finely matched system of instrument and probes with even greater measuring reliability.

The climate measuring instrument is a high-end solution when it comes to measurement data management and report generation too. Users can transfer measurement data to the PC easily and flexibly via USB cable or SD card and manage this data efficiently using the PC software.

The central trackpad ensures convenient navigation through menus and settings. Air-conditioning engineers also have guided measurement programs, such as for standards-compliant grid measurement on a HVAC system in accordance with EN 12599. All relevant climate parameters can be monitored using the extensive probe range including flow, temperature, humidity or CO2. This not only optimises the comfortable atmosphere in offices and living spaces, but can, for example, also prevent mould growth.

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