testo 350: Industrial Flue Gas Analyser gains Mcerts Approval

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The testo 350 industrial flue gas analyser is a brilliant, versatile product which lends itself to a range of emissions, monitoring and analysis applications. This product is perfect for use in a number of industries ranging from oil & gas, to landfill monitoring, to maritime shipyard emissions analysis.

This superb product now has another string to its bow, as it has now been given Mcerts approval. This is a great boost and an accolade to the testo 350 as it lends assurance to potential customers that the testo 350 flue gas analyser has been subjected to incredibly rigorous testing and granted approval by the Sira Certification process.

For more information and detailed specifications testo 350 visit the testo website

To view the Mcerts Certificate for the Testo 350 - Click Here.