testo 312-3 - Pressure Meter (300/6000 mbar)

DVGW approval, incl. alarm display, battery and calibration protocol
Part number: 0632 0314
Manufacturer: Testo
£389.00 (ex VAT)

testo 312-3 Manometer, the versatile manometer for the pre-test and main test on gas and water pipelines up to 6 bar. Pressure changes caused by changes in temperature during the measurement are balanced out by the temperature compensation function.

  • Clear display with time
  • Switchable precision measuring ranges with high resolution
  • Alarm when user-defined limit values are exceeded
  • Fast reporting of measurement data on site
  • DVGW tested

Operating temperature

+5 to +45 °C

Battery type

9V block battery


300 g

Probe - Pressure probe

Meas. Range

-300 to +300 mbar


±0.5 mbar (0 to +50 mbar)

±1.5% of mv (≥50 mbar)


0.1 hPa

Probe - Pressure Probe

Meas. Range

-6.000 to +6.000 mbar


1 mbar

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