Stationary Measurement

(As these instruments are configured to your application, please call our Technical Sales Team for more information on 01420 544 433, Quotations available upon request)

  • Transmitters for Humidity

  • Transmitters for Trace Humidity

  • Temperature Probes

  • Transmitter for Differential Pressure

  • Compressed Air Meter

  • Process Displays

Operators, Facility Managers, but also system constructors have recognised that accurate and longterm stable measuring instruments guarantee not only the achievement of an optimum room climate and the product quality dependent on this. Operating costs also are considerably reduced by exact measurements.

In times of dwindling resources and rising prices, operational cost-consciousness is becoming more important. Enormous potential for savings is created by efficient energy use. With the testo transmitters 6920, testo 6621 and testo 6321, building climate is very accurately and reliably measured. Thanks to these exact measurements, an optimum setting for the air conditioning and ventilation system can be achieved, which in turn savea operating costs.

In addition to the recording of humidity and temperature, the measurement of differential pressure plays an important role in maintaining an optimum working environment.