Panorama Assist

Testo thermal imaging Panorama Assist technology

A common problem faced by thermal imaging surveyors is the issue of tackling large target subjects such as buildings. In such situations, spatial constraints and intruding objects can cause real difficulty in taking appropriate, effective thermal images. It is here that Testo Panorama Assist technology can help.

testo panorama assist technologyTesto Panorama Assist technology effectively stitches a number of individual thermal images taken by the thermographer together in order to create one seamless over all image of the large target subject.

This allows the user to easy take thermal images of large target objects such as buildings whilst avoiding spatial constraints and maintaining the required level of image detail and resolution. Testo thermal imagers help you retain. By stitching together multiple high resolution thermal images, the Panorama Assist technology lets the user to measure and analyse the entire large object in one image allowing for more accurate and inclusive analysis.