New Industrial Probes and Backpack for Testo 350 Emissions Analyser

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Testo 350 is a portable 6-sensor flue gas analyser designed to measure gas emissions from combustion processes. Typical applications include landfill energy recovery, energy production, high energy manufacturing plants, district and local heating and more generally monitoring stack emissions in most types of combustion plant. The Testo 350 is MCERTS approved for measuring O2, CO, NO, NO2 and SO2 and can be equipped to measure CO2, H2S and hydrocarbons.


The Testo 350 emissions analyser is now available with a choice of 3 unheated or heated industrial gas sampling probes for measurements involving high temperatures, high dust loads or wet flue gas. The new sampling probes have been specially designed by Testo engineers to be able to measure aggressive condensate, high dust concentrations or mechanical stress reliably and accurately, even at very high temperatures. The probes can be customised to the relevant measuring task by adding accessories.


Three options are available; modular standard gas sampling probes with options for different temperature ranges (500 °C / 1,000 °C) and probe lengths (35 mm / 700 mm); gas sampling probes for measurements on stationary industrial engines and high temperature industrial gas sampling probes, suitable for measurements involving high temperatures, high dust loads or wet flue gas.


Also available is a durable backpack transport case for the Testo 350, designed to carry the Testo 350 analyser box including control unit, gas sampling probe and accessories. The backpack is ideal for when the analyser needs to be carried around a large site, up and down ladders etc.

For further information please visit or call 01420 566841.

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