New Cooking oil tester - Testo 270

Friday, February 27, 2015


Every drop is valuable


The new and improved testo 270 is latest generation of our proven range cooking oil testers. Testo’s 270 allows you to determine the quality of cooking oil faster and more reliably than ever before. To do so, it measures the ‘Total Polar Material’ (TPM) content in the oil, which is a sure indicator of its quality. It then gives a percentage and if the oil is aged an increased TPM value will show.

By using improper oil not only will the food produced be of a lower quality, but there are also health risks surrounding cleanliness. This is the reason why the polar materials may not exceed a certain limit, depending on the country. Regular measurement with the testo 270 will help to prevent this.



Utilising the testo 270 is proven to reduce cooking oil consumption by up to 20 %


Cooking oil develops its best potential between 14 and 20% TPM. Using this measurement tool to understand exactly when oil needs replacing also makes sure you aren’t wasting oil. You don’t want to be replacing perfectly good oil by changing too frequently as this will increase oil consumption and ultimately costs.

In addition to the above, the TPM limit values can be individually defined, and can, like other instrument configurations, be protected from inadvertent alteration by a PIN.


Significantly reduces costs


Extensive practical tests by Testo engineers have demonstrated that regular measurement with the testo 270 reduces the consumption of cooking oil by up to 20 %. So if for example if you used 1,000 litres per year and assuming a price of 70p per litre - that makes for a saving of £1,680 a year!


Even more intuitive thanks to traffic-light system


The measuring instrument's 86% larger display considerably simplifies the reading of temperature and TPM values. The traffic-light alarm system provided by multi-colour backlighting makes it even easier to evaluate the quality of the cooking oil:


  • Green =               TPM content is good.
  • Amber =             TPM value will need changing soon.
  • Red =                    TPM value has exceeded safe amount.



 With the new traffic light system testing is easier than ever


Safety in daily use


The user is no longer directly exposed to the heat from the deep-fryer when taking the measurement. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the new testo 270 does not require the users hand to get within 25cm of the liquid being measured, thus minimising risk of injury by hot oil.

The strength of the probe shaft has been considerably improved over the previous model. In addition to this, the new cooking oil tester has more robust connections between the housing, the probe shaft and the sensor. Since the measuring instrument fulfils the protection class IP65 even without an additional protective case, cleaning it under running water is no problem – ideal for use in quick-service restaurants.


Testo’s 270 allows you to determine the quality of cooking oil faster and more reliably than ever before


Technical Data (Summary)

Storage temperature    -20 to +70 °C

Cooking oil operating temperature    +40 to +200 °C

Operating temperature    0 to +50 °C

Dimensions    50 x 170 x 300 mm

Weight    255 g

Display    LCD, 2-line, backlit

Battery type    2 AAA micro batteries

Battery life    approx. 25 h continuous operation (corresponds to approx. 500 measurements)


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