HACCP Management System

With testo's HACCP management solutions, for the first time it is possible to 100% digitally control all measurements, checks and documentation in the context of HACCP.
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With the testo HACCP management system, for the first time it is possible to 100% digitally control all measurements, checks and documentation in the context of HACCP.


Key Advantages include:

  • Track the status of all tasks and processes in an instant - Every step is automatically documented and updated.
  • Always be prepared for audits or complaints - All data is securely stored and available at a moment’s notice.
  • Saves you time and money - HACCP processes are managed by planning and collecting data efficiently.
  • No more paperwork - All processes are managed digitally so there is no longer need for manual administration.


The Complete HACCP solution

Quality is crucial for all companies in the food industry. In 1959, the HACCP concept was created by NASA and the Pilsbury Corporation to ensure the highest level of food safety for the first manned space flights. Its objective is to avoid possible dangers in food production, in order to protect the health of consumers. Since the documentation of all processes and quality data is crucial in HACCP, up to now the concept could only be realised with huge quantities of checklists, forms and documents. This becomes a problem when, in cases of audits or complaints, clearly assigned proof needs to found quickly.


 With the testo food safety management system spot checks have never been simpler


Finally manage HACCP with ease

The HACCP management system uses paper-free documentation of HACCP processes, and supports the guided set-up of a HACCP plan based on the Codex Alimentarius. With it companies can trace all quality data on a single device and massively improve the efficiency of their HACCP processes. Recordings can then be used as proof of activity, so you can be certain produce is being correctly monitored.This results in a considerable advantage for companies. In short, having more efficient HACCP processes will save them both time and money.

Using a completely digital system also minimises human errors which can occur when filling out checklists by hand. Responsible quality managers can then trace all quality data at the touch of a button, ensuring they are always prepared for unexpected complaints or audits.


Existing processes and integration

A major advantage of the HACCP management system is it can quickly be combined with an existing wireless LAN. As soon as an internet connection is set up, all processes, proofs and measurement values will be collated and stored via the testo cloud. There they are securely stored and protected from data loss and manipulation.


Want a demo?

If you want to find out more about the testo food safety management solutions or you'd like to arrange a no obligation demo please either call us on 01420 544433 or email us at info@testo.co.uk and we'll be very happy to help.