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testo Thermal Imaging Features

Testo thermal imaging cameras offer exceptional image quality and wide range of innovative and intelligent features and technologies. Testo's ongoing research and development of new technologies allows our products to provide first class funcationality.

Testo's range of thermal imaging cameras boasts an array of features which all work in harmony to provide the best possible user experience. Investment in a Testo thermal imaging camera gives you access to this intelligent, intuitive and highly developed system of thermal analysis.

Testo Thermal Imaging Feature of the Quarter - Fully Radiometric Video

Testo IR Soft

Testo IRSoft:

IRSoft – the high-performance PC software for professional thermography analysis from Testo. IRSoft allows comprehensive analysis of thermal images on a PC. It stands out thanks to its clear structure and high user-friendliness. A fully functional version of the PC software IRSoft is included with all Testo thermal imagers.

Testo Super Resolution

Testo SuperResolution:

Testo SuperResolution technology improves the output quality of a Testo thermal imaging and increases the quality of an image by adding four times as many pixels. For example, when SuperResolution is applied to a camera which previously had a resolution of 120 x 160 is increased to 240 x 320.

Testo Radiometric Video

Testo Fully Radiometric Video / Process Analysis Package:

Radiometric video enables a dynamic thermal process to be captured in real time together with all the measurement data for further analysis. The video can be replayed in real time or frame by frame, making it simple to identify thermal anomalies or trends.

Testo Site Recognition Technology

Testo Site Recognition Technology:

During inspection tours and thermal surveys, similar measurement objects often have to be monitored resulting in many similar looking thermal images. With Testo SiteRecognition technology, measurement sites are automatically recognised and the correct images assigned.

Testo Panoramic AssistTesto Panorama Assist:

Thermal surveys of very large objects can be a trade-off between achieving a sufficient level of detail and complete object coverage. To avoid having to split the subject into several thermal images and instead document the entire object in one location, there is Testo panorama image assistant.

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Testo SuperResolution for Thermal Imaging Cameras

Upgrade your Thermal Imaging Camera today! Four times as many readings and a resolution that has been improved by a factor of 1.6.
£259.00 (ex VAT)