Cotswold Efficient Energy Centre - Testo Thermal Imaging Cameras

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

testo - Cotswold Efficient Energy Centre

This is all reflected in numerous postive ways including being a advisory to Parliamentary committees, educating schools and colleges via free seminars and having recently and proudly received a national award from the Renewable Road Show as an indivudal who has made an oustanding contrbution to the Renewable Energy Industry.

CEEC has also won four other national renewable awards in the last four years.

The quality ethos of the company is reflected in the fact that some 100 people visit the Centre every month which serves both as a showroom and showcase for every variation of sustainable energy and the team is also kept busy by home visits within a 50 mile carbon-friendly radius. An ongoing and core technical aspect of the best practice is the testo Thermal Imaging Camera. The particular model – an 875 series – allows for a clear and detailed demonstration of heat flow and control across domestic applications  including radiators, tracing heating/hot water pipework for leaks and blockages, roof lagging, windows, biomass sytems and even under floor heating where the thermal image helps engineers to detect anomalies without causing any damage. The testo camera features a large 3.5 high resolution display, <80mK temperature resolution, optional wide or telephoto lens, Auto Hot/Cold Spot Recognition and the means to save up to 1000 images on an SD card.

As Andy observes “ The testo 875 is an essential aspect of our portfolio. It is smart and easy to operate and looks good especially with the professional carrying case. We don’t charge to use it and it guarantees a rapid and accurate view of what is happening with significant considerations for saving time and money and enhancing the decision process. Here at CEEC we use the camera for all of our surveys to establish the property is insulated to a standard that will be suitable for a Heat Pump to operate as they only work in well insulated buildings and otherwise it could be a disastrous situation. On a retro fit project the camera will give us this invaluable information as well as giving all concerned the confidence to proceed. We simply couldn’t run the business without it and we are impressed to the extent that we have actually created a DVD for marketing and explanatory purposes”.

A second testo product which makes its point is a durable 327 domestic flue gas analyser specially designed to measure C02 output from Biomass and wood pellet heating systems. The 327 incorporates a bright LED easy-to-read display with simple menu navigation and ergonomic housing, calibration protocol, multiple data store and rechargeable battery.