Choosing a Flue Gas Analyser – what are my options?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


There are a number of factors which come into account when choosing a flue gas analyser, and not just the price. Whether for domestic or commercial applications, careful selection is required to ensure the analyser provides the neccessary features and is appropriate for all the day to day tasks associated with being a heating engineer.

Testo’s range of Flue Gas Analysers can provide the right flue gas instrument for any application. Testo provide analysers ideal for smaller companies working on domestic boiler gas analysis, right through to gas analysers and emissions monitors for large industrial applications such as oil and gas installations.

In the table below we have tried to summarise the features of the Testo range of analysers and how they compare against each other. We’ve also provided a brief overview of each in the section below. If you would like full specifications on any analyser please visit our website:


Which analyser is best for me?



Quick overview of features

In addtion to the table above, here is a short overview of some of our best selling flue gas range. If at any point you have a question about an analyser and its capabilites please feel free to contact us on 01420 544433 and we’ll be happy to help.




Testo 310Entry level analyser with pressure measurement

The testo 310 combines simple functions with a high level of measurement accuracy, and is perfect for all basic measurements on heating systems. Long battery lifetimes of up to 10 hours guarantee high availability. Its easy handling and compact design make the testo 310 a robust tool for daily work – even when things get rough.






Testo 327Multi function analyser

The testo 327-1 measures combustion efficiency, °C, O2, CO2, CO and flue draught. Although it doesn’t have a colour screen, the strong LED background light in the 4 line display guarantees an easy-to-read display even if lighting conditions are unfavourable. The analyser stands out on account of its easy menu navigation and ergonomic housing as well as its durability.






Testo 320Bmulti-function analyser with colour graphic display and memory

Designed specifically for UK heating engineers, the 320B has a colour graphic display providing a unique user interface experience to access measurement menus for: Flue gas Analysis, Draught Measurement, Pressure, Ambient CO Measurement, Letby & Tightness testing. It’s also compatible with all the accessories supplied with Testo 327 analysers. So the 320B Standard Kit, is the perfect choice for existing 327 users thinking of an upgrade.





Testo 330multi-function analyser for domestic and commercial applications

Testo have launched a new version of the 330LL, which offers advanced diagnostic features, which until now, have never been available on a flue gas analyser for domestic and commercial engineers. Up until now tuning has been time consuming, using numerical values to make adjustments. The most outstanding new feature of the 330LL is a high resolution, colour graphic display enabling fast, user guided tuning and analysis of boilers.





Testo 350 – Industrial Flue gas analyser

The testo 350 is the ideal tool for advanced flue gas analysis and measures up to six different parameters including O2, CO, COlow, NO, NOlow, NO2, SO2, CO2, CxHy and H2S. Typical measurement tasks include:

- Flue gas analysis in commissioning, setting, optimisation or operational measurements on industrial burners, stationary industrial engines, gas turbines and flue gas purification systems.

- Control and monitoring of officially prescribed emission limits in exhaust gas.

- Function testing of stationary emission measuring instruments.

- Control and monitoring of defined gas atmospheres in furnace rooms




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