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Welcome to the Testo UK WebShop. This website runs alongside Testo UK's main site www.testo.co.uk and is designed to allow you to purchase your favourite Testo products directly online, taking advantage of any exclusive special offers or demo kit sales.

Testo instruments cover a range of measurement parameters including: Temperature, Humidity, Velocity, Compressed Air Measurement, Gas analysis, RPM, Pressure, Light, pH, Sound as well as Instrument Service and Calibration. They are widely used in a variety of industries including HVACR, Food Safety, Pharmaceutical storage and transportation, and many more.



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Whilst electronic leak detection sometimes gets a reputation for being somewhat finicky, in actual fact a leak detector can be a really useful diagnostic tool and can identify all the most common cooling agents and locate even the smallest leaks. This is why for many, an electronic leak detector is actually considered a piece of kit, as a refrigerant technician, you wouldn't be without...
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Next week testo will be at the Making Pharmaceuticals exhibition in Coventry (25th-26th April), discussing how to ensure constant indoor climate in pharmaceutical production. Testo will be offering our industry knowledge as well as displaying our wide range of solutions for pharmaceutical safety, which help manufacturers meet quality requirements and give the reassurance they are producing, storing and transporting produce safely...
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Free Guide to Food Safety - Wednesday, April 19, 2017
As anyone who works in the food industry will be aware, there is a lot of pressure to ensure that the food is kept in the correct state throughout all stages of the food chain. Whether during production, transport, preparation, storage or foodservice, there are a number of vital checks in place so we can be certain food is correctly monitored. And as we’ve seen in recent cases, any slip up can have huge consequences.This short guide provides advise for practical application, a summary of the most important legal principles and limit values, as well as some useful tips. Download your free guide now...
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